Womens Veterans Day 2023

Supporting Female Veterans in the Workforce: Women’s Veterans Day 2023

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the unique challenges faced by women veterans as they transition from military service to the civilian workforce. Apart from the many other difficulties they face, they are not infrequently subject to gender discrimination, even within organizations that hire veterans. These issues are now being highlighted on various forums and brought to public attention by way of a holiday dedicated specifically to female veterans.

Women’s Veterans Day, celebrated on June 12th each year, provides a critical opportunity to recognize and support these exceptional individuals. This day serves as a reminder of the valuable contributions women make in the military, in addition to the ongoing need for resources to ensure their successful reintegration into the civilian labor force.

Challenges Faced by Women Veterans

Women have been serving in the armed forces for decades, and their numbers have been steadily increasing over time. As of 2021, women constitute approximately 17.3% of the U.S. military, according to the Department of Defense. Female veterans bring with them an abundance of skills, leadership experience, and dedication from their service in the military. However, despite their qualifications, many face unique challenges when transitioning back into civilian life.

The lack of awareness and understanding of their capabilities and skills sets often leads to underemployment or the inability for female veterans to effectively market their skills in the civilian marketplace. Employers may overlook the valuable qualities these women bring to the table, such as discipline, adaptability, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. It is crucial that employers recognize the experiences and capabilities of women veterans and create an inclusive environment that values their contributions.

How to Support Women Veterans in the Workforce

To address these challenges, organizations and businesses can take proactive steps to support women veterans in the workforce.

Targeted Recruitment Programs

First and foremost, creating targeted recruitment programs and outreach initiatives specifically aimed at women veterans, can help bridge the gap between military and civilian careers. These efforts can include job fairs, mentoring programs, and partnerships with military transition assistance programs. By actively seeking out women veterans and providing them with resources and opportunities, employers can tap into a talented pool of individuals and foster a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Establish Supportive Workplace Policies

To address the unique needs of women veterans, specific supportive workplace policies must be implemented and maintained. These can involve implementing flexible work arrangements, accommodating family responsibilities, and providing access to resources such as childcare services and healthcare support, especially to those with military spouses.

By creating a work environment that values work-life balance and understands the challenges women veterans may face, employers can foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere that promotes retention and advancement.

Customized Mentorship Programs

Pairing women veterans with mentors who have successfully transitioned from military to civilian careers can provide valuable guidance, support, and a sense of belonging. Additionally, networking opportunities can help them expand their professional contacts and gain exposure to potential job opportunities. These programs can be facilitated through partnerships with veteran organizations, industry associations, or internal initiatives within the organization.

Training Opportunities

Supporting women veterans goes beyond just the initial transition into the workforce. Ongoing professional development and training opportunities are essential to ensure their long-term success and advancement. While soft skills in veterans are already present, employers can offer programs to enhance technical skills, leadership development, and other areas relevant to their career goals. Investing in continuous learning and professional growth demonstrates a commitment to their success and can contribute to their upward mobility within the organization.

Awareness About Needs of Women Veterans

Women’s Veterans Day provides an ideal platform for organizations, communities, and individuals to honor and celebrate women veterans. This can be done by hosting events, sharing stories of women veterans’ accomplishments, and engaging in conversations that highlight their unique contributions. By amplifying their voices and recognizing their achievements, we can break down barriers and stereotypes, creating a more inclusive society that supports women veterans in all aspects of their lives.


Employers and organizations have a responsibility to recognize and address the challenges faced by women veterans which is only possible when they understand and appreciate their skills and experiences. By implementing targeted recruitment initiatives, supportive workplace policies, mentorship programs, and ongoing professional development opportunities, employers can create an environment that is inclusive, and supportive.

Use the holiday to honor and empower women veterans, celebrating their achievements and advocate for their continued success in the workforce.

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