Commitment, Integrity, Duty

Veterans First Staffing and Recruiting Solutions

For Employers:
Business Staffing Solutions

We cultivate relationships with clients from a diverse range of industries. Our team is committed to understanding your business and your staffing needs.

We incorporate your requirements into our stringent recruitment process to identify the highest-quality candidates and strive to provide the most motivated and professional talent to suit your business needs.

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For Job Seekers:
Talent Solutions

We take into account more than the needs of our clients alone – we value the individual objectives, aspirations, and career goals of the talent that comprises our organization.

Every successful working relationship requires all parties to find common ground and shared motivation. It’s something we consider every time we pair a talented member of our team with the organization that best aligns with their personal goals.

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Putting America’s Heroes and Their Families First

At Charlie Gulf Tango, we recognize that the motivated and goal-oriented men and women of our armed forces are also an indispensable part of the civilian workforce. We partner with organizations that admire and embrace the unique talents embodied by those dedicated individuals.

In short, we believe in giving back, on behalf of those who have given so much of themselves.

Connecting Talented Professionals with Dynamic Firms

Our team understands it’s not always easy to transition back into the civilian world. We speak from experience. We strive every day to make a real difference in eliminating the roadblocks to professional reintegration and civilian employment.

When Talent Thrives Businesses Win

We’re excited by mutual success, and the prospect of delivering the ideal professional fit every time. It’s what makes us better every day – connecting talented professionals with the organizations that value their expertise and unique skill sets.

What’s more, we start every search looking for a veteran. We believe that with the best talent in place at an organization that values mutual success, business can weather any challenge.

Let’s Give You a Fresh Start

Partner with us to take charge of your career and realize your highest potential. Whether transitioning back into civilian life, renewing a professional search to identify a new opportunity, or seeking the talent capable of driving your business forward, your aspirations are our motivation.

Looking for a Job? Great! We Can Help.

Are You a Veteran? Even Better – That’s Our Expertise