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Engineering professionals embody the uniquely-American spirit of getting things done. From design to application and maintenance, engineers give real physical shape to theories and ideas. Taken as a whole, they constitute a major reason for America’s global competitive edge.

Advancements in the field of engineering have impacted all industries throughout our world. Every industry – mechanical, civil, industrial, and chemical among them – has evolved far beyond the days of simplified computer-aided design. We take tremendous pride in our own domain knowledge, and our focus on your future development as well as our own.

Why Hire Vets for Engineering Roles?

Military veterans bring a substantial value to many engineering roles, due in no small part to the skills and talents honed during their terms of service:

  • Multi-faceted leadership potential and advanced technical expertise
  • Decision-making and judgment capability under pressure
  • A robust sense of accountability and responsibility
  • Solid foundational knowledge backed by practical experience

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