About Us

Providing National Logistical and Staffing Solutions

Delivering Outstanding Talent and Customer Service to a Variety of Clients

At Charlie Gulf Tango, we appreciate how important it is to cultivate relationships based on the keystone principles of honesty, transparency, and accountability. We understand that professional flexibility is a cornerstone of ongoing success; likewise, that practical solutions vary according to each business’ unique outlook and growth potential.

Every client’s workforce is a direct reflection of their company’s brand and cultural identity. As earnest partners, we take our commitment to upholding that precedent seriously.

Why Us?

We maintain a fair and balanced approach to joining dynamic employers with credible talent. In so doing, we appreciate that our own success is a direct reflection of the success of our employees and the satisfaction of our clients. We aspire to a model of service that satisfies the needs of both, for the benefit of all.

CEO’s Message

Our team at Charlie Gulf Tango recognizes that creative workforce solutions drive modern businesses. We also understand that professional flexibility enables talented individuals and prosperous companies to find a mutual best fit. Solving these complex issues motivates us; it gives us a sense of purpose. The opportunity to contribute in a very real way to the professional empowerment of our employees is rewarding. To do so for my fellow veterans is an uncommon privilege.

Our Vision

To guarantee that no veteran is left behind on the homefront.

Our Mission

To put veterans first, and secure a future for those who know the value of sacrifice.

Our Focus

To strive proudly every day towards a singular purpose, ensuring that commitment, integrity, and duty abroad manifests in collective success at home.

Our Guiding Principles


Leveraging our team’s experience to drive progress.


Understanding your organization’s needs to deliver the highest-quality talent.


Embracing empathy and care to ensure mutual success.


Empowering our partners achieve their highest professional goals.


Committing to fair and transparent collaboration without exception.


Actively engaging with talented professionals and reputable clients.


Delivering the highest standard of service without expectation.


Stewardship of a network of productive relationships.

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